About Bill Ryerson Immigration

Bill Ryerson is a fellow at the Post Carbon Institute, which was established in 2003 as a forum for imagining solutions to issues as varied as fossil fuel dependency, climate change and its effects on immigration, the looming water shortage, and other worldwide challenges. In addition to his contributions as fellow, William Ryerson serves as CEO of both the Population Media Center and the Population Institute. Both organizations advocate for family planning resources and education in developing countries. The difference between the two stems largely from their scope. The Population Institute acts primarily as an advocacy organization, while the Population Media Center produces radio and television dramas intended to educate listeners and viewers.

Under the guidance of Bill Ryerson, The Population Institute has published on challenges such as the immigration and emigration of populations in the developing world and the need to stem current population growth rates. One of its reports, titled “The Population Challenge: Key to Global Survival,” claims the world population will grow from just over six and a half billion to over nine billion by 2050. Such a mass of people would stress the Earth’s resources to the very breaking point. For this reason and many others, William Ryerson has dedicated his life to raising awareness of and making available family planning tools to the people of the world.

Bill Ryerson has been recognized for his nearly 40 years’ worth of work in the field of reproductive health. In 2006, the Rotarian Action Group on Population and Development—an association promoting healthy population trends—honored Ryerson with the Nafis Sadik Prize for Courage. This award was named after Dr. Nafis Sadik, former director of the United Nations Population Fund.


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