Hilkor – A Nepali Radio Drama by Population Media Center


Hilkor pic

Image: populationmedia.org

As president of Population Media Center (PMC), William (Bill) Ryerson monitors the international discussion on human population and migration (emigration and immigration). Bill Ryerson has developed many projects at PMC that address the causes of population growth.

PMC uses the power of serial dramas on the radio, TV, and Internet to spread its positive messages. These programs raise awareness about important matters such as education for girls, reproductive health, women’s rights, and other issues that are tied to positive outcomes in developing regions.

PMC produces programming around the world, focusing on areas where women have limited reproductive and economic freedoms. One area of interest is Nepal, a nation where early marriage is ubiquitous.

In Nepal, PMC produced a radio drama called Hilkor, or Ripples in the Water. Hilkor discusses child marriage, gender inequality, and domestic violence through the stories of four men and the women in their families. Through a series of either good or bad choices, the men’s stories illustrate the consequences of some of the darker social traditions in Nepal.

Hilkor aired 104 episodes between April 2016 and 2017, reaching listeners across more than 40 radio stations and sparking conversations about these serious issues.